Friday, May 15, 2009

What Really Happened

I would like all of Ralfi's fans to know the truth, exactly what happened to him. In the early 70's, Ralfi met a businessman who wanted to get into the music industry. He contracted with Ralfi and started promoting him. Things went well for a while, but business started to taper off, so the promoter decided Ralfi should go on tour in Colombia to make money.

Ralfi flew to Colombia and was there for almost two weeks. He wrote a letter to our mom, saying that things weren't going according to plan. No one had contacted him for gigs or interviews. On his own, he arranged interviews at various radio stations there. Finally, he was contacted by the promoter's agents. They came to Ralfi's hotel and picked him up to go perform. Instead, they took him to a beach, killed him and left his body there. It was a setup.

Our family was devastated. Adding insult to injury, my sister, Isabel, read in the newspaper in New York that Ralfi Pagan died in Colombia because of drugs. That got me really pissed off. My brother, Ralfi, did not smoke pot. He didn't drink beer, he didn't drink liquor. He was just high off his music. Occasionally, on special occasions, birthdays, holidays, he might have a little glass of champagne, but that's it.

I just want everyone to know the way my brother passed away. It's very sad that a good man, with a love of music, leaves this beautiful world, and a lot of people think he passed away because of drugs. That couldn't be further from the truth. So for those who believe that, I hope this clears it up for you. I want all of Ralfi's wonderful fans to know the truth. I have it all documented, all the paperwork, what really happened to him....where, when and why, and it was all about money.

Some day, these people will get theirs, through a higher power. Thank you, all you wonderful fans. God bless. Qué Dios les bendiga!